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There are times when we all need help. Over the years, we’ve worked with individuals, families and groups to figure out how we can work together to improve life’s situations and daily functioning.


~Behavior Analysis~

 Working closely with HCS, ICF and TxHML agencies to provide quality services to clients.

~Counseling ~Several years of experience working with special needs adults and having developed modified counseling techniques to meet the specific needs of clients who may have communication barriers and/or difficulty controlling emotional responses.


About Us

Donna Almeida, MA, LPC, LBA, BCBA

Donna has several years of experience working with clients in ICF faciliities, TxHML and HCS clients all over the state of Texas. She has a license in Counseling and Behavior Analysis. Since 2016, she has been the owner of this private practice.

         Robin McKnight, MA, LPC, LBA, BCBA

Robin has over 27 years' experience helping people with behavior change plans. She has private practice experience as well as experience providing behavioral services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and concurring mental illnesses. She is the author of self-help book, CHANGE YOUR REALITY CHANGE YOUR LIFE and has been the Director of Behavioral Health Services for Lufkin State Supported Living Center for seven years. As the Director of BHS, she supervises 32 employees and oversees services and skill acquisition programming for 300 clients. 

Behavioral Services

Functional Assessments

Behavior Support Plans

ICAP Assessments

Follow up Based on Client Needs

Documentation to Meet State Requirements

Coordination with Team Members

Family Support

Staff Training

Special Needs Counseling

Anger Management
Self Esteem
Social Anxiety
Grief Counseling
Getting by in a "Neurotypical" World
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Assessment Process
  • Call or Email to inquire about specific needs
  • Fill out a referral form to provide information about client.
  • The BCBA will then call to schedule an initial appointment at the client's preferred location.
  • Based on information obtained and direct observation, the BCBA will complete a Behavioral Assessment, including recommendations for future services.

  Phone: 469-951-0827

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